Take Your Health Seriously

Take Your Health Seriously

Well guess what?

Labor Day Weekend is behind us, and for many in the United States, summer is essentially over. With 4 months to go til 2014, you are about to begin what is known as the "Fat Season."

Why is it called this?

Because kids go back to school, college football games on Saturday, Pro Football Games on Sunday and Monday, new fall TV lineups and a ton of stuff I can't even remember. More time spent watching TV-(The Electronic Productivity Reducer) then Holidays starting in November.

The bellies tend to grow and the hips expand!

Sorry but I am speaking the truth!! Yes, we are an overweight, over stressed nation getting worse every year. Scientists can do all research they want but until people change their behavior, it is a losing endeavor!

As a chiropractor I know health is not a magic pill, cleanse, or strength training program.

It is a combination of so many variables:

  • How you think
  • Physical Fitness
  • Emotional Health
  • Real Nutrition
  • Sound Sleep
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • How clean your blood is
  • Getting rid of Toxins
  • Positive Friends
  • Happy Family
  • Chiropractic adjustments for Nerve Function and Postural Support
  • Employment you like/something with purpose
  • A Loving/Caring Relationship
  • Smiles
  • Laughter

Yes, there are many more but it is shortened holiday week and I just wanted to wish you the best for the last four months of 2013!!

The end will come quick. That's why I'm always telling people to never over analyze when it comes to doing something positive for their health, just do it. Take some action. If it doesn't work out, move on to the next thing.  Roll with it.

As the summer comes fully to a close, I wish that you take your health and your life serious enough to make some positive changes. Only you can do it. You're guiding your ship, so maneuver well.  We are here to help.

I am rooting for you!

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