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At Bowman Chiropractic Associates, PC of Iowa City, we help people with ADHD, Anxiety, Behavioral and sensory Issues, Pain, Traumatic brain injuries (concussion), Chronic Lyme’s disease/Fibromyalgia, and more through our neurofeedback services in Iowa City IA.


Neurofeedback is clinically proven, non-invasive, and drug-free. It has been proven to provide long-lasting results after treatment. Biofeedback is recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics as a Level 1- Best Supported intervention for attention and hyperactivity behaviors.

Many people do not know that their struggles and challenges are caused by the way their brains perform. At our Neurofeedback office, we can show how your brain is causing your symptoms and what to do about it.


State-of-the-art qEEG Brain Mapping is used to identify the neurological brain patterns that are at the root of people’s symptoms. It is like an X-ray of your brain’s performance. It is completely non-invasive (doesn’t do anything harmful to you) and provides a wealth of information about how your brain is contributing to your symptoms. The doctor can see if your brain is using the irregular brain that is associated with your challenges and then will show you. When you look at your brain map you will know exactly what needs to happen to make your symptoms decrease.


Neurofeedback has been used for over 60 years and has many scientific studies that show its effectiveness. Neurofeedback Therapy is proven by science to improve those brain patterns that cause ADHD, anxiety, and more and reduce the symptoms people experience. It is so effective it is endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association as a Best Level support.


Neurofeedback, also called EEG Biofeedback, means ‘brain’ (neuro) and ‘input’ (feedback). Once an irregular brain pattern is identified using qEEG Brain Mapping, the computer system optimizes the irregularity by guiding the brain back into a healthy pattern. With repetition of this process over time, the brain learns to stay in healthy ranges without the aid of the computer.

The result... an improvement in the brain’s ability to regulate itself and perform better. This in turn can reduce or eliminate most neurological symptoms caused by the original irregular brain pattern. Unlike many other treatments that address the symptoms of neurological disorders, neurofeedback therapy trains the underlying source to alter the structure and function of the brain. As such, many patients in Iowa City IA report permanent positive changes to their behavior months and years after ending the therapy. The results are proven by science too.

Neurofeedback Therapy works based on scientifically proven brain conditioning.

Classical Conditioning

The premise of Neurofeedback Therapy is founded in a scientific study that most people have heard of and is over 110 years old called Pavlov’s Dog. Pavlov, a scientist, taught dogs to drool in the presence of food (the reward) and then took the food away and they still drooled. This is called Classical Conditioning. This study proved that brains could be conditioned, or taught, to change their performance to change behaviors based upon rewards. Taking this step further, Neurofeedback Therapy works based on a technique called Operant Conditioning.

Operant Conditioning

Operant Conditioning works through the use of positive feedback (rewards) and negative feedback (lack of rewards or consequences). For example, when your child is acting like an angel and you give him lots of praise and a lollipop, you are inadvertently using Operant Conditioning. If you do not give him praise and actually give him minimal attention when he is not using great behavior you are using operant conditioning again. Through a system of rewards and lack thereof, the brain learns what behaviors are desirable and which are not.

Neurofeedback Therapy capitalizes on Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to heal itself through this learning process. The brain receives a reward in the form of auditory and visual feedback when it has proper brain signal use. This positive feedback is delivered in the form of a hum to the ears and a visual brightening of the computer screen for the person. If the person’s brain does not use the new better brain pattern, the hum decreases and goes away and the screen becomes dim. This is the lack of the reward. If the brain signals fall very far out of the desired pattern, the brain receives a correction in the form of a ding to the ears and a darkening of the screen altogether. In this way, the brain learns to improve its performance by working for the rewards and avoiding negative feedback.


It is measurable. The first way you know that Neurofeedback Therapy is working is through your behaviors and the goals you had when you set out to begin Neurofeedback Therapy. Your behaviors will improve. However, Neurofeedback Therapy is measurable at Bowman Chiropractic Associates, PC of Iowa City in Iowa City IA because of the use of the highest grade equipment that exists. We can measure your results throughout your therapy program.

Each visit for Neurofeedback Therapy records a performance graph of your brain functioning. Thus, you can see within each session and across sessions if indeed your brain signals and brain patterns are changing. With the change in the pattern comes the relief of symptoms.


Scientific understanding of how the brain works has been changing and evolving so quickly over the past 20 years that it is almost unfathomable. In fact, just ten years ago scientists believed the brain was static and unchangeable after the early years of life. You have probably seen in popular magazines and newspapers that now scientists know that the brain is dynamic and can be pushed to perform better over the course of your lifetime through a concept known as neuroplasticity. This is an important shift which makes it the perfect time to capitalize on that knowledge to help yourself or your child.

Neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to learn and change through life) is now the focus of scientific inquiry rather than ridicule as it was a decade ago.

Neurofeedback employs a sophisticated, evidence-based approach with measurable results.  It is backed by 65 years of science showing that it works clinically to help people reduce symptoms. Still, old ways of practice can take a long time to be extinguished while new ways can take too long to gain traction. Thus, the brain sciences have advanced so quickly, that few medical establishments have yet to integrate approaches based on this new view; hence many practitioners do not even have a basic understanding of neurofeedback or its clinical applications. Forward-thinking practices as our self and the world-renowned Amen Clinics, of which we are an affiliate center, use qEEG Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Therapy as a crucial aspect of therapy for challenges of the mind and body


Neurofeedback Therapy is used by professionals around the world to teach children with ADHD how to calm their minds and concentrate and is rated Level 1 ‘best practice’ intervention for ADHD by the American Pediatric Association. Children with learning challenges are seeing gains in behavior and performance as they organize and stabilize their brain patterns.

NASA uses neurofeedback to train astronauts. The US military uses it to train their Special Forces and has adopted neurofeedback as a new intervention for PTSD and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Because it is not harmful at all and it improves focus, productivity, and stress many peak performers in all fields are now using and endorsing neurofeedback. Tony Robbins, a multi-millionaire businessman, musicians at the Royal Conservatory in London, the Women’s Olympic volleyball team (Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May Trainor), NBA player Chris Kaman, and the entire Vancouver Canucks hockey team are just a few to mention. Neurofeedback helps them stay calm under pressure, tap into their creativity, and implement the necessary strategies so they can succeed.


"My son had generalized anxiety and social anxiety as well as ADHD and some OCD symptoms. Through the BrainCore therapy, he has stopped taking meds and has shown vast improvement in his behavior and coping skills. The technicians, Danielle and Britt were excellent with him and Dr. Morrissette was great in answering our questions and overseeing treatment."

- G.A. (Parent of Lucas, Age 14)

“I am so glad we chose Neurofeedback Expert office to get Steve on track at school. He spends half the time he did on homework now. It has been a real game changer for him and us.”

- S.W. (Parent of Steve, Age 12)

“Not only did Mark's anxiety decrease, his relationships with his siblings improved and he began to make friends. Our life before and after Neurofeedback Expert office are polar opposites. Thanks.”

- A.C. (Parent of Mark, Age 10)


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