Staying Ahead of the Lion

Staying Ahead of the Lion

Every morning in Africa on the Serengeti Plane a gazelle wakes up.

It knows it must ran faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.

Every morning a lion wakes up.

It know it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.

It doesn't matter whether you are the lion or the gazelle; when the sun comes up, you'd better be running!

Chiropractic is the only health care system that actually works to maximize (not stimulate or inhibit) the natural, inner, God-given strengths of the human body and its capacity to heal itself, without drugs or surgery.

If you are not the lead gazelle in the pack, the scenery never changes.

Stay at your optimum health potential and you stay in front of the other gazelles, and away from the lions.

And don't throw your friends and family to the lions either.  Share chiropractic with the "gazelles" you love!

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By Ryan Bowman

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